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Internet Jetset Review – John Crestani’s Affiliate Course – SCAM ALERT?

Hey mega followers,

I am here today to write and talk to you about Internet Jetset, affiliate marketing course by John Crestani.

To start this course is about Affiliate marketing, introducing you to the world of affiliate marketing, choosing a niche, and going through the 3 main ways of attracting free traffic to your “niche site”. You will then go through how to copy write (blog) and then there are a number of bonuses in the course as well all of which I will come to further on.

I will let you know now the course only costs $47!!! This is not an expensive course.

If you want it already, you can purchase it here:

On the first module you are introduced to affiliate marketing and what it is, how it works (overview) and what you need to do. He promotes taking action, pushing you to get your first commission within the first couple of hours and if you follow what he says and TAKE ACTION then it actually works! I made my first online commission by following his first lesson and signing up with a programme and following his action plan for the first lesson.

This was not a large amount of money but this breaks barriers and proves his methods. From there you then go through an exercise to choose a niche, which is done well. Once you have your niche you are then driven to take further action and start building your website and pages, whilst then working through the various traffic channels that you are taught.

These are:

  • Google Free Traffic
  • Facebook Free Traffic
  • Youtube Free Traffic

Once you have completed these, there is a module just about your website, set up and how to. This is then followed by a content writing module, covering how to write good content that draws customers in and keeps them on your page. This is a great module, although it is not John who presents this module.

This is the main course and adds up to about 12 hours of content. You then have the Jetset webinars. These are weekly webinars run by John Crestani going through all affiliate marketing topics and a general Q&A with students. this in itself is worth a lot and you also get access to all of the previously held webinars, for you to look through and TBH gain valuable knowledge.

The other bonuses consist of parts of a previous affiliate marketing course, this bonus is worth the $47 itself, let alone John Crestani’s course, which is full of gold and gets you started, this discusses more techniques for growth. The two modules consist of Launch Jacking and Building Authority Review Sites.

If you follow the main course and then follow these modules you, will succeed and grow an affiliate site, which will start to net you money online and trust me if you follow the course and take action, this does work.

The other bonus is a Facebook marketing short course – Ads for Affiliates, covering the basics of running FB ads for affiliate purposes. This is another mini 7 hour course.

You also get other content, some access to other goodies and a free call from one of Johns team, to help set you up.

ALL OF THIS FOR $47, this is a steal.

Mega Follower - John Crestani

I have experience as an internet marketer and this has taught me things and opened my eyes to many techniques, that I was aware of but unable to implement myself, now however I am now making money from affiliate marketing, thanks to John Crestani.

Although it not exactly enough to quit my job and live the dream, it is a start and has opened a new world of opportunities and making money online.

If you are still not yet sold on this course then below is my video review.

If you realise what a fantastic opportunity this is though, click the link below and get access to John’s webinar to learn more about affiliate marketing before taking the leap!

I look forward to seeing you in the forums, which by the way is also included, an active forum that John himself contributes to.

So I hope this helps, if so and you’re ready to take your first step on the path to passive income, then follow the link below and get started 🙂

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